The Defiant


Q: We have an 11-yr-old son who is disobedient and defiant. He simply won’t do what he is told. He is chronically late getting ready for school, often telling us he isn’t going (6th grade

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Energetic, Adopted Preschooler


Q: I am a single mom who adopted my three-year-old daughter two days after her birth. She is super energetic and sometimes aggressive. Her current phase involves saying, “No!” to everything as well as changing

Energetic, Adopted Preschooler 2018-07-17T16:02:25+00:00

A Difficult, Defiant Daughter


Q: Our 10-year-old daughter, the oldest of four children, has always been the most difficult and defiant of the lot. It sounds cliché, but it seems nothing can transform her. We have disciplined as consistently

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