Technology has transformed the way we communicate. Email, texting and social media sites have taken the place of phone calls, handwritten letters and in-person conversations. The ability to be “in touch” with others 24/7 has created an environment totally different from that of a mere 20 years ago—and parents are often left wondering how to manage the influx of digital devices into their homes.

During this previously recorded 60-minute webinar, Sarah Hamaker outlines how the use of smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs impacts families today. The webinar delves into the growing body of science behind how screen time by children of all ages effects their ability to learn, interact socially and form meaningful relationships with others. Not a diatribe against technology, this webinar is designed to help parents develop their own house rules for digital devices.

This webinar was recorded on November 5, 2015, and is in an mp.4 format for viewing. Users should verify their ability to view the webinar in the mp.4 format before purchasing the webinar. Buyers will be sent a link and password to access the recorded webinar via Dropbox.

Recorded Digital Devices Webinar, 60 minutes: $1.99