Good & Mad: Harnessing Emotions Online Course


I’ve created a half hour video that hits the highlights of this six-week course. You’ll get a great overview of the course, plus five worksheets to help you put the techniques I discuss into practice.


Emotions are powerful, and to children, emotions can seem to be all-powerful. All too often, we view emotions as negative, simply because most emotions that spill over into family life have negative undertones, such as anger, jealously, rage, envy, strife, division and unkindness.

But emotions can be a positive force in the family—laughter, joy, sharing and love. What we should strive for as parents is to strike a balance between promoting the positive emotions and being proactive in restraining the negative emotions.

When understood, emotions become a valuable tool for gathering data and drawing conclusions. Our emotions are like little sensors that can pick up nonverbal cues, attitudes, and tension in the air. Unfortunately, many people don’t use their emotions in this constructive way. When they feel a little uncomfortable, they just react emotionally, saying and doing counterproductive things.

When we realize that emotions can be harnessed for good—and that helping our children understand that they can control their own emotions—we will approach the messiness that comes from emotions spilling over from a better frame of mind. Many parents are afraid of their children’s emotions and try to minimize them. But contrary to popular belief, emotions aren’t the enemy. They reveal valuable information about what’s going on in the heart.

If we look at our children’s emotions as a snapshots of what’s in their hearts at that moment, we will be better equipped to respond to their outbursts more constructively.

This half-hour video gives parents a quick overview of my six-week course on helping kids manage their emotions, including anger, from a biblical perspective. You’ll see the importance of helping your kids learn to manage their emotions and anger, plus get five worksheets to help you put the techniques I discuss into practice.

For only $37, you’ll get the 30-minute video, plus worksheets on healthy emotions, key Bible verses relating to anger, anger cues, responsibility chart and success tracker.




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