On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin about the importance of the spousal relationship. Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of couples repair their broken marriages. Together with his wife, Rivka, he is the founder of The Marriage Restoration Project, a global initiative to help keep couples together and happy. Shlomo is a licensed clinical professional counselor, a certified Imago Relationship therapist, a rabbi, and a father of five. He is an advanced clinician in Imago Therapy and workshop presenter. He is also the author of The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage, which is the introduction to his marriage counseling approach, with its foundational basics, and its short, transformational benefits. The 5 Step Action Plan Book has been featured on CNN, NPR, Fox News, Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

“It’s really hard especially for moms because it’s hard to put our own needs first and the kids are kind of like the squeaky wheels—so they get the grease. It’s easy to really neglect ourselves and our adult relationship with each other,” Rivka said. “I think for a lot of us, it’s hard to be in a relationship because it takes commitment and understanding and it’s just easier to distract ourselves with the kids and be busy so that we don’t even have time for each other,” Shlomo added.

Listen to the podcast for more insights and suggestions how to keep the marriage fires burning while raising kids.

Why We Should Put Our Marriage Above Our Kids (Episode 56)
You've Got This

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