On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Amy Tol about time management as mothers. Amy writes at morelikegrace.com, where she helps women connect with God’s grace amidst the noise of everyday life. She lives in Michigan with her husband, Brian, and two wonderful tween kids. When she’s not writing, Amy enjoys connecting with friends over coffee and chocolate, reading books while curled up under a blanket, and all manner of crafty endeavors—especially when they involve needle and thread.


“We glorify busyness I think in the American culture, acting like you need to have all these accomplishments behind your name for people to give you respect,” Tol said. “I know I have struggled with [thinking my busyness proves my worth], and it definitely contributed to busyness in my life.”


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The Busyness of Being a Mom (Episode 11)
You've Got This

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