On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Lynn Zakeri, LCSW, on the importance of letting our kids know we’ve got their back.

Lynn is a therapist in the Chicago area whose passion is to help people figure out what is wrong and help them feel better again. She has experience working with children, adolescents, adults and families on many issues, including anxiety, depression, transitions, work ethics/motivation, young adult goal setting, self-esteem, anger, family dysfunction (present or past), marital therapy, new mom stress, social skills, trauma, self-harming and eating disorders. Lynn enjoys assisting in the progress and achievement of attaining goals. She has worked in the school setting and private practice. Lynn serves on many committees. When she is not working, she is a wife, daughter, sister and mother.

“I think kids want to be cared about even if you’re wrong. It’s okay to say, ‘Hey, sit with me for a sec. What’s going on? How are you? Tell me something good,’” Lynn said. “Our kids do want to talk to us. I think that if we just ask questions and we’re non-judgmental in our questions, we’ll have real conversations with our kids and teens.”

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Showing Our Kids We Care, Episode 47
You've Got This

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