Raising Kids in a Device-Happy World (Episode 49)


“I think one of the challenges is we’re the first generation of parents raising kids in this 24/7 constantly connected culture of devices all the time, and so we don’t really have a model to look at in terms of how do we manage use of devices for ourselves as adults and for our kids,” Nicole said. “It’s one big experiment right now and it’s a huge question that parents have on their minds is how to manage the screen time piece and how this is impacting their kids.”

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Understanding Kids on the Autism Spectrum (Episode 48)


“You really can make an impact on another family’s life. Just as much as the child might be feeling isolated at school, the parent is probably feeling equally isolated,” Merriam said. “It’s not necessarily what we signed up for as parents when we have a child who’s not neurotypical, and there can be a lot of feelings, guilt, sense of failure as a parent, ‘Was there something I did?’ Just having other people that you feel safe with and that welcome the parent with the child on the spectrum can make such a huge difference on the family side.”

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Showing Our Kids We Care, Episode 47


“I think kids want to be cared about even if you’re wrong. It’s okay to say, ‘Hey, sit with me for a sec. What’s going on? How are you? Tell me something good,’” Lynn said. “Our kids do want to talk to us. I think that if we just ask questions and we’re non-judgmental in our questions, we’ll have real conversations with our kids and teens.”

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Devotions With Your Kids (Episode 46)


“It is amazing something that was written 3,000 years ago can still be so pertinent and applicable to our life today,” Chuck said. “People sometimes forget that God’s Word is living and active and powerful because they treat devotions as information. God’s Word is able to cut right through the minutest of issues and speak and minister to that.”

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How to Help Anxious Kids (Episode 45)


“When we are anxious, we’re actually anxious about things that are not currently happening, and so we are foreshadowing that something horrible is going to happen. It’s important to teach our kids to slow down, and we can help them to do that,” Sherrie said. “The best way to do that is to look at those signs, then approach our kids and try to change their physiology, like suggesting a bath or walk. That little break pulls them away from the thought that they are projecting forward into a doomsday situation, and it kind of spot-checks them.”

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The Changing Roles of Motherhood (Episode 44)


“Whenever you have organization in your mind, life just gets easier automatically. I love that idea in parenting because it is so complex and it is so exhausting—it can get crazy sometimes,” said Loyla. “If you don’t understand the changes in motherhood, you are going to sabotage the season you’re in by trying to carry into a new season something that only worked in the last one.”

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Talking About Race With Kids (Episode 43)


“We know study after study shows us that having meaningful, open conversations about race is what leads to children who are most able to navigate a multiracial world without the prejudice or bias,” Elizabeth said. “Each human is made in the image of God and God is so big and so amazing that you couldn’t just have one picture of him with one kind of person.”

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Seasons of Parenting (Episode 42)


Have you ever thought about parenting as seasonal? At times, you may feel you’re making little progress in raising your kids, so it can help if you think of child-rearing as fitting into four distinct seasons.

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Allergic to Food (Episode 41)


“The top eight allergens are wheat, dairy, egg, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish, and here in the United States, that also includes coconut under tree nuts,” Kathlena says. “Including people with food allergies can be overwhelming sometimes and yet at the same time, it is one of the most amazing gifts you can ever give a food allergy family.”

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Staying Thankful (Episode 40)


“I look back and I realize that God and so many people helped us and carried us and were of service to us. If we had not gone through those challenges, I wouldn’t have had those people stepping up and showing how much they cared for us and cared about us,” David says. “I think a lot of people, especially those who don’t have faith look at our story and think that it’s totally backwards. How can you have faith after all that you have gone through?”

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