Hope for the Angry Kid with Tricia Goyer (Episode 26)


“Our child will naturally know how to hit our buttons,” Tricia said. “They want to make us mad because when they can get us angry, they win because it shifts from being about her and her anger to me and my anger. If you’re angry, then she’s the victim, and we’re apologizing and explaining our actions.”

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Being a Woman of Mystery (Episode 25)


f all we do as women is to be a mother 24/7, catering always to our families without ever doing anything for ourselves, we aren’t painting a very attractive picture of adulthood for our children. Please don’t misunderstand me—mothering is an integral part of our calling. But we must take care that mothering doesn’t become the only part of our calling or of our day-to-day lives.

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Launching Your Child Into Adulthood (Episode 24)


“The college admissions scandal demonstrates what happens when you don’t do that well. Every person that you look at is the sum total of their decisions. When you don’t start making good decisions early, your foundation can be shaky,” Frowsa’ said. “There’s a difference between raising children and raising adults, and I think for a lot of parents, they are busy raising children, so when those kids get to be adult age they still have to treat them as children.”

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Potty Training for Dummies, Episode 23


“Parents are starting way to late, so they’re missing their window of opportunity to potty train. That window is truly 18 months to 2 years. We’re not even starting until age 3 and that’s the main problem that I see today with toilet training.”

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Stop Entertaining Your Kids (Episode 22)


“Too much attention isn’t good for adults or children. It isn’t healthy to be the center of attention all the time,” Dinah said. “I started to relax, and my kids started figuring out how to entertain themselves. Better yet, they started developing hobbies.”

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Finding Joy in Motherhood (Episode 21)


“I really think there’s a difference between joy and happiness,” Rachel says. “Happiness is about a birthday, a surprise party, a cup of coffee—that’s in the moment. But joy to me is this deeper heart posture looking for something that’s good and beautiful in the midst of whatever situation or season we’re in. And I think that’s really motherhood.”

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When Patience Takes Too Long, Episode 20


“I draw from Jesus’ example when he washed the disciples’ feet. We’re called to be servants, whether we have a Ph.D. Or not. And moms are servants,” Linda says. "There’s two kind of lists: Your list and God’s list, and they don’t often match. God doesn’t call us to do things without equipping us to do that tasks. We can ask God and he will give us the wisdom to take care of the situations that seem well beyond us."

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Raising Successful Leaders (Episode 19)


“Specifically with boys, because so many of the mentorship models are disappearing from our culture it seems, they need a place where they can see godly men who are leading boys and they need to have them as examples,” Mark said. “The character of a person and the skills that they develop trumps any charisma that they have because it puts them in position to lead. People will follow a leader who understands leadership principles and understands shared leadership and understands everything that you should be doing is a good positive leader.”

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Hope for the Next Generation (Episode 18)


“The AHG girls who write me gives me hope for this upcoming generation of young women,” Patti said. “Here’s a quick story from Caitlin, a senior in high school from Missouri: ‘I have been in AHG since I was in first grade. It is my backbone and I have found my love for service and leadership skills through this organization. God has developed those gifts through AHG and I believe he plans for me to use them in amazing ways in the future.’ These girls have hope, and that's what we want for each and every one of our daughters.”

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What Anger Tells Us About a Child’s Heart (Episode 17)


“Anger cues are the first step in developing an anger management plan. Some children do feel like they ramp up really quickly, or parents will even say, ‘My child goes from 0 to 60 instantly,’” said Scott. “What we're saying is ‘There are indicators that this child's frustration starting to boil, and we want to pick up on those in advance.’ This is a self-awareness approach that we're trying to use. The reason we do that is because James 1:19 and 20 says, ‘Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to get angry.’ How can you be slow to get angry if you can't see it coming on?”

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