On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Tiffany Bluhm about handling frustration when raising kids. Tiffany wants every woman to recognize, embrace, and pursue the big dreams and beauty born inside of them. The author, blogger, speaker, teacher, podcast host, wife, and mother shares her personal stories of self-value and self-doubt, international adoption, entrepreneurship, marriage, heartbreak, motherhood, and more with an ever-growing audience now numbering in the hundreds of thousands. In addition to reaching readers via her own blog, Tiffany shares her disarmingly perceptive, honest, and frequently funny writing on other popular outlets including ScaryMommy.com, Deeply Rooted Magazine, and more. As co-host of the Why Tho podcast and an in-demand speaker, Tiffany also leads key conversations about modern faith, contemporary women, culture, and so much more. She has penned two books: the acclaimed Bible study Never Alone, and the recent She Dreams: Live the Life You Were Created For. Tiffany lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and two young sons.

“Our kids all want to feel seen, heard, known, respected and validated,” says Tiffany. “Our kids are raw material to be molded so our constant expectation that they’re going to be perfect is always a disappointment to us because that’s is not who they are. And neither are we.”

Listen to the podcast for more insights and suggestions about not letting our frustration get the better of us.

Blessing Your Child (Episode 30)
You've Got This

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