On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I discuss how important it is for us as women to have outside interests.

How many times have you met another woman and all she talks about is her kids? Unfortunately, many American mothers today involve themselves so much in their kids’ lives that they have little interests outside of their children. We miss out on a host of things when we limit ourselves in that way.

It’s important that a mother develops outside interests for several reasons. First, by having a life outside of your children, you move from the peripheral of your children’s lives to the center. Second, by becoming a person who’s interesting—i.e., does things by herself without the kids or husband that doesn’t involve running errands, etc.—you give your children a glimpse of the mysteries of being an adult.

If all we do as women is to be a mother 24/7, catering always to our families without ever doing anything for ourselves, we aren’t painting a very attractive picture of adulthood for our children. Please don’t misunderstand me—mothering is an integral part of our calling. But we must take care that mothering doesn’t become the only part of our calling or of our day-to-day lives.

Listen to the podcast for a few simple ways to start your journey to recapturing your self-identity separate from your children.

Being a Woman of Mystery (Episode 25)
You've Got This

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