A Teen Behind the Wheel (Episode 4)

On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I chat with David Martin about teens and driving. David holds a masters in Counselor Education from The University Of Pittsburgh, and for more than 30 years have served as a school counselor in a multiple of educational settings. For the past two decades, he has worked primarily with high school students and parents. In 2013, David became a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach. Having recently retired as a High School Counselor, he now coaches parents full time.

When you let your teen learn to drive, you’re telling him or her: We think that you’re capable and that you will do your best. “The world can be so much smaller and more contained when we don’t let our kids spread their wings,” he said.

Listen to the podcast for more insights and stories about not freaking out when your teen climbs into the driving seat.

A Teen Behind the Wheel (Episode 4)
You've Got This

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