Juggling Multiple Children (Episode 38)


“One thing that I think that can really help you to stay sane is to just let our kids be kids. I think that it’s so important for us to remember that their kids,” Lettice says., “We shouldn’t allow them to be disruptive or disrespectful, and they should know there’s a time and place to be silly and crazy. But life is meant to be enjoyed, not to just be lived, and childhood is a really special part of life and it should be a carefree time of life.”

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A Volunteer Family (Episode 37)


“Volunteering is a wonderful way to begin to introduce kids to this idea that there is something bigger than themselves, there is something more than their family, their immediate community, their friends, their school, and that they are part of something larger,” Alexandra says. “I have found that it also led to some really great conversations about big topics with my kids. … We want our children to understand that we live in an interconnected world, and how even small steps, like taking two hours on a Saturday morning to pack meals, can make a significant and positive impact on their larger community.”

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Preparing for Vacation with Kids (Episode 36)


“You’ve got to know what you’re going to do to know what you need to pack and what you need to bring, and how you need to pack it,” says Melanie. “I know that sounds so silly, but you can make your stay wherever you are headed so much more convenient and organized if you just plan ahead.”

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TV Ratings and Kids (Episode 35)


“Whenever possible, I would strongly encourage families to watch together,” Melissa says. “I think too that it’s easy for us to err on the side of thinking our kids are more mature emotionally than they are or better able to handle or cope with what they see. And remember that no system is 100% foolproof, and nothing takes the place of just being there and being able to help your child work through what they are seeing onscreen.”

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Getting Your Kids to do Chores (Episode 34)


Overall, remember that chores aren’t only about getting things cleaned or accomplished—it’s about learning tasks, contributing to the family, and working together for everyone’s good. When we keep the bigger picture in mind, we will have more success in having our kids do chores.

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A Heartfelt Motivation (Episode 33)


“I think part of the struggle for us is to ask the right question which is: How do I get my children motivation to the right direction?,” Dr. Kathy says. “If we are honest too, sometimes, it’s a reflection of our behavior. We are modeling in front of our children all the time, and so when we see them be impatient, stingy, unkind, could it be that they have noticed us being that way lately?”

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Bouncing Back From Parenting Fails (Episode 32)


“Some days, I’m an incredible entrepreneur, an incredible business owner, and a terrible mom. Sometimes, I’m a great mom and a terrible business owner, and that’s just because it doesn’t balance out,” Hope says. “One of my favorite quotes is that we expect women to work like they don’t have children and to raise children as if they don’t work.”

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A Little Work on the Side (Episode 31)


“My go-to advice is not to overthink it because for a lot people, they end up talking themselves out of starting,” said Stacy. “So many times, I stand with the moms at my daughter’s school, and they say, ‘I’ve thought about doing this for years, and I really want to do this someday.’ But there’s always a reason why now is not the right time. However, there will never be the perfect time.”

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Blessing Your Child (Episode 30)


“Our kids all want to feel seen, heard, known, respected and validated,” says Tiffany. “Our kids are raw material to be molded so our constant expectation that they’re going to be perfect is always a disappointment to us because that’s is not who they are. And neither are we.”

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Why Kids Leave Church (Episode 29)


“Seventy percent of children stop attending church when they graduate from high school, which is just an unbelievable and heart-breaking number. A decade later, only half of those had returned to church,” Susan says. “What they’ve found is that these are mainly children of what the studies called nominal Christians. Those who go to church, drop their kids off, say a prayer at meal time, but other than that, God is not important. If we are not modeling behavior that church is important, prayer is important, Bible study time is important, our children are not likely to follow in our footsteps. The parents who are not practicing what they preach are the ones who are more likely to have their children leave the faith after high school.”

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