The Angst of a Good Mother


What makes a good mother? Contemplating the answer to that is something that can keep us women with children awake at night. I think we look at the answer backwards. We shouldn't be thinking what

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The Problem With Words


Q: My 12-year-old daughter has a friend who began saying things like, “That’s really gay,” when my daughter made a face or put forth an idea. Naturally, this friend said that phrase in front of

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8 Ways to Love Your Unrepentant Child


What can we do when our child keeps choosing the wrong path in life? Check out my article on  "8 Ways to Love Your Unrepentant Child" on Crosswalk.com. "Through it all, we hope our children

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A Bully of a Label


“You’re ugly.” Those words pierced my heart as a gawky 13-year-old seventh grader. It was hard enough to be the new kid at a private school where my classmates had been together since elementary school.

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Emancipation and the Older Teen


Q: A little more than a year ago, our 18-year-old daughter moved to Nashville, Tenn., (completely at our expense) to be a member of a ballet company. After a year of that, she decided to

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Educating a Child’s Palate


For years, I thought I didn’t like salad or yellow squash in particular. Frankly, most vegetables left me cold, but since eating them was required, I ate them. Rarely did I ask for seconds of

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Six Things Reality TV Can Teach Us


Image courtesy of Ohmega1982/FreeDigitalPhotos.net Unless you live in a cave, you can’t avoid seeing one reality TV show or another. Whether it’s the antics of the Kardashians or the cut-throat world of Shark

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