Should we always follow our lists or give ourselves freedom to go with the moment?

How to Play Russia Ball

1. Toss ball up and catch (1 time)
2. Toss ball up, let it bounce once, and catch (2 times)
3. Toss ball up, clap hands three times and catch (3 times)
4. Toss ball under-over extended arm and catch (4 times)
5. Toss ball under-over extended leg and catch (5 times)
6. Toss ball up, turn around once, let it bounce once and catch (6 times)
7. Toss ball up, clap once in front and once in back, and catch (7 times)
8. Toss ball up, circle (roll) arms around several times, and catch (8 times)
9. Toss ball up, clap once over leg, once under leg, and catch (9 times)
10. Toss ball up, clap once, slap legs once and catch (10 times)

Instructions: These must be followed in order. If you miss or drop the ball, you forfeit your turn and must start over at number 1. For more difficulty, try catching and tossing with only one hand. Have fun:)