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Sarah is a seasoned presenter and can speak on a variety of topics, including the following:

The Well-Behaved Child
Ideal for parents of kids between the ages of 3 and 13, this three-part seminar helps moms and dads free their children from the burden of misbehavior. Topics include why children misbehave, the seven fundamentals of effective discipline and the seven essential tools every parent needs.

Sibling Rivalry: How to Prevent and Stop It
This workshop guides parents in learning why kids fight and what both parents and children can do to eliminate sibling rivalry. The seminar includes concrete ways for reducing sibling conflict.

Parenting With Love & Leadership
This four-part seminar covers how to establish your authority with children and speak so they will listen; raising responsible and resilient children; effective consequences; and solutions to prevalent behavior problems.

Teen Proofing
This workshop focuses on the teen years and how parents can help their children make the transition from being children to adults. Topics include how to approach the teen years and the six Cs: curfew, cash, car, cohorts, conflict and consequences.

School Success
This seminar gives parents ways to help their children succeed in school and proven solutions to homework problems and classroom troubles.

New Siblings: How to Successfully Blend a Family
This seminar gives parents and step-parents tried and true ways to help children adjust to life with a new brother or sister. The presentation covers birth, adoption and blended families.

Time Management
This talk focuses on how you should think about time and includes practical tips for managing your time more wisely.

Rediscovering Your Talents
Each one of us has talents, but many times, we have trouble figuring out what those abilities might be, especially after having children. This presentation provides attendees with concrete ways to rediscover–and enjoy–their talents. This seminar can include how to turn those talents into work-from-home opportunities.

P-NCBPLogoSarah is also a trained presenter for the National Center for Biblical Parenting and is available to give the center’s Cooperation, Consequences and Keeping Your Sanity seminar. The most common complaint parents have is that their kids don’t follow instructions—but moms and dads can easily learn how to give their kids instructions that their children will follow. This seminar teaches parents how to teach their kids five skills for receiving instructions.