Tweens aren’t kids anymore and they aren’t teens either. They are stuck in the middle and puberty is hitting them hard. But raising a great tween doesn’t have to be hard.

3 Ways to Hook Your Kids on Devotions


By guest blogger JP Robinson Last week, I told my kids that I’d have to cancel our devotions that evening because a family activity had run later than expected. Their response was typical: a resounding

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The Defiant


Q: We have an 11-yr-old son who is disobedient and defiant. He simply won’t do what he is told. He is chronically late getting ready for school, often telling us he isn’t going (6th grade

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Sleep Isn’t Just for Babies


With the school in full swing, the pressure to pack more into each day accelerates, which usually means sleep, especially for kids, can be sacrificed. “Bad sleep habits affect the whole chemistry of a child

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Mothers and Daughters


As a daughter (and a mother of daughters), I have firsthand knowledge of the complicated relationship between moms and daughters. As one with two sisters (and a brother) more than a decade older than me—and

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Is Middle School Bad for Moms?


NPR recently ran a story entitled, “Being Mom To A Middle Schooler Can Be The Toughest Gig Of All.” In it, the author quoted a study that found during the middle school years, moms experienced

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But Everyone Does It!


You’d think that when one reached adulthood, one would be better able to resist peer pressure. While there might not be as blatant peer pressure as most of us experienced during our teen or college

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A Bully of a Label


“You’re ugly.” Those words pierced my heart as a gawky 13-year-old seventh grader. It was hard enough to be the new kid at a private school where my classmates had been together since elementary school.

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Dispelling Sibling Rivalry Myths, part 4


Sibling rivalry is one of the most troubling problems parents encounter when raising multiple children. No matter their ages, brothers and sisters who constantly and vehemently fight can disrupt and harm the family as a

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