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What’s the Secret to Family Devotions?


As Christian parents, we firmly believe that one of the most important jobs we have is teaching our four children about our faith. For centuries, parents regularly engaged in the practice of systematically teaching their

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Reforming a Picky Eater


Q: My 17-month-old son is very uninterested in eating most of the time. I am still nursing but I would like to start weening in the next month. However, I’m concerned because he doesn’t seem

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Should a Preschooler Have Chores?


Q: What chores are appropriate for a four-year-old to start doing on a regular basis? A: This is a great question because it shows that you realize your four-year-old can—and should—contribute to the family’s upkeep.

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A Toddler Who Hits


Q: Our 27-month-old son who goes to a child care center in a Bible study once per week is hitting and pushing other babies in the class. He specifically hits the younger kids either with

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Can a Toddler Learn From Consequences?


Q: What is an appropriate way to punish a 17-month-old for being bad, i.e. deliberately disobeying when I tell him not to do something? Is time out appropriate for this age? If it is how

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Emotional Rollercoaster


Q: During many play activities, our 4-year-old daughter becomes quite emotional about anything she perceives she cannot do. This could be creating something out of Play-Doh, trying to draw something or throwing a ball. She

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How to Help a Bullied Toddler


Q: My guy just turned two and has been in daycare since he was 12 weeks old. My husband and I both work full time and right now, it’s the only option. We love his

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Ticket Method for Toddlers?


Q: For misbehavior, we’re keen on the ‘tickets’ strategy for major offenses. However my twins are under 3 (almost 31 months). Is it possible to use Tickets for children under the age of 3? I

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Freedom Goes to a Two Year Old’s Head


Q: My 2-year-old recently transitioned from crib to bed. The freedom seems to be more than he can handle, and he has taken to destroying the bedroom he shares with his 3-year-old brother. Of course

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