Teenagers think they know it all, but as their parent you know you still have a lot to teach them. It’s getting them to listen that can be a challenge. Here are some great ways to help you raise you teen and get them ready for true independence.

3 Ways to Hook Your Kids on Devotions


By guest blogger JP Robinson Last week, I told my kids that I’d have to cancel our devotions that evening because a family activity had run later than expected. Their response was typical: a resounding

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Set Dating Ground Rules Early


By guest blogger Mary L. Hamilton The first week of sixth grade, a girl invited my son to see a movie with her and another couple. “It’s not a date,” my son argued. I countered

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The Defiant


Q: We have an 11-yr-old son who is disobedient and defiant. He simply won’t do what he is told. He is chronically late getting ready for school, often telling us he isn’t going (6th grade

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Teen Chaos


Q: I have a 17 year old, a 15 year old and a 13 year old all whom believe life completely and utterly revolves around them. The oldest (boy) refuses to look for work and

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Figuring Out Screen Time Limits


Q: My husband and I disagree on how much video time the children can have. I don’t think it’s appropriate on school nights, even if they get their chores/homework done. My husband thinks it has

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What’s the Secret to Family Devotions?


As Christian parents, we firmly believe that one of the most important jobs we have is teaching our four children about our faith. For centuries, parents regularly engaged in the practice of systematically teaching their

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