Five to Ten year olds are a world unto themselves. Here are some great ways to help them grow and reduce your stress.

Anxiety and Anger: A Deadly Combination


  Q: My nine-year-old son is experiencing anxiety and anger. My husband and I follow a traditional style of parenting—we are firm, have high standards for behavior, and are very loving. I believe our son

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Family Tree Treasures


By guest blogger, Susan G Mathis I’d just put my baby and toddler down for their naps when the phone rang. It was Mom, calling to chat. A few minutes into the conversation, she said,

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A Peaceful Home


Note: On the fourth Tuesdays, I’m starting a new blog series on the Fruit of the Spirit, taking us through the nine character traits and applying that to raising kids. “But the fruit of the

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Eating in Peace


Q: We adopted two girls (ages 8 and 10 at the time) almost 5 years ago from an African country. They were incredibly picky eaters and refused to try new foods. I have been customizing

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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare


By guest blogger, Brenda Cox My friends just lost their 23-year-old son. He died peacefully in his sleep, but his loss is no less grievous to them and to those who knew him than if

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The Question of Spanking


Q: When is spanking appropriate with a 3 year old? A: When my second child (a daughter) was around 3, we began punishing her for disobedience. As with her older sister, spanking was in our

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