Five to Ten year olds are a world unto themselves. Here are some great ways to help them grow and reduce your stress.

Getting Concrete on Creative Consequences


The usual consequences don’t seem to be working for three rambunctious boys. This dad asks for suggestions on how to make consequences memorable enough for their three young boys, especially when those boys share a

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A Hasty Word


Every parent has had at least one moment when frustration over a child’s misbehavior or inaction triggers an over-the-top consequence, like “you’re grounded until you turn 18” spoken to a five-year-old. I give this mom

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9 Ways to Raise a Reader


If you haven’t heard, Amazon recently released Kindle Kids, just in time for the holidays. Why the regular Kindle wasn’t good enough for kids, I haven’t a clue, but the online retailer touted Kindle Kids

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Lunch Time Drama


Eating lunch at school can create all sorts of problems, including a child who doesn’t “like” her lunch. Well-meaning teachers sometimes acerbate the problem by paying more attention to the child. This mom asks how

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To Agree to Disagree


Do we need our kids to agree with our parenting decisions? This mom asks how to handle a child who is fighting her authority by arguing with every decision. Q: We have our 6 block

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When a Child’s Frustration Spills Over


We’ve forgotten as a society that children are drama factories, and often blow things way out of proportion. Sometimes, those kids express violent thoughts concerning themselves, such as wanting to die. This mom wonders how

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How to Start Chores


A mom wakes up to realize she’s been doing entirely too much around the house and that it’s time for her three young children to step up in the chore department. Her question revolves around

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Managing One-on-One Time


Kids need attention, especially from mom and dad. But we often don’t know how much attention is appropriate because some kids desire 24/7 attention from a parent while some kids don’t crave much interaction at

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Dawdling in the Morning


Trying to prod a child to hurry is like trying to herd cats—it’s a thankless, nearly impossible job! This week’s question comes from a mom whose five-year-old is taking his sweet time in the mornings…and

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