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Do Not Disturb the Family Peace


When your kids have trouble getting along, use the almost magical Do Not Disturb the Family Peace method to bring back order. You can also order your own PDF version for 99 cents.  

Do Not Disturb the Family Peace2019-05-01T21:24:09+00:00

Lessons From Russia Ball


Should we always follow our lists or give ourselves freedom to go with the moment? How to Play Russia Ball 1. Toss ball up and catch (1 time) 2. Toss ball up, let it bounce

Lessons From Russia Ball2019-05-01T21:14:17+00:00

Taming an Aggressive Preschooler


Emotions can be very big for kids, especially preschoolers. This mom asks how she should react when her preschooler throws an aggressive tantrum. Q: My nearly 4-year-old son shows signs of aggression/not being able to

Taming an Aggressive Preschooler2019-05-01T14:24:45+00:00

Merry-Go-Round: Old-Fashioned Fun


What other piece of equipment can teach children how to get along with one another better than a merry-go-round? For this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I talk about the many life lessons to be learned while spinning

Merry-Go-Round: Old-Fashioned Fun2019-05-01T21:06:14+00:00

A Hoot and a Holler


Let’s face it—we all yell at our kids sometimes! Whether it’s in frustration or anger, raising our voices at our children doesn’t make them or us feel good. In this week’s #ThursdayThoughts video, I share

A Hoot and a Holler2019-02-22T16:34:23+00:00

Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free


When we don’t deal with something right away when it comes to our kids, we’re just kicking the pain of the “payment” down the road. By electing for convenience’s sake to let the small issues

Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free2019-02-22T16:30:49+00:00

Bully or Boyish Behavior?


Trying to figure out whether a child is being bullied or not--or is bullying someone else--is one of the hardest things for a parent to figure out. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I answer a question

Bully or Boyish Behavior?2019-01-31T00:56:40+00:00

Should You Plan Your Child’s Life?


Planners are wonderful for keeping us organized, but we should be careful we don't take things too far when it comes to planning our child's life. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I talk the importance of

Should You Plan Your Child’s Life?2019-01-31T00:52:33+00:00