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Reading Into Summer


Reading does more than pass the time. It teaches kids about the world around them. Books entertain, yes, but through books we learn about other cultures, about how to handle difficult or uncomfortable situations, about

Reading Into Summer2019-05-29T00:08:39+00:00

Why Should Children Listen?


When a child or teen doesn’t listen to us, it’s hard to know how to react. This mom questions how she can command respect from her kids. Q: We have six children, and our oldest

Why Should Children Listen?2019-05-01T16:04:32+00:00

Allowance and Kids


Having an allowance is a great way to help your child gain an understanding about money, one you can build upon as the child grows older and the allowance grows larger. The Wall Street Journal

Allowance and Kids2019-06-06T12:06:49+00:00

Teaching Values to Teens


Sometimes, when our kids reach their teen years, we realize all that we haven’t taught them, and it can be a scramble to catch up. Other times, what a child has or hasn’t internalized from

Teaching Values to Teens2019-05-01T14:29:41+00:00

Healing a Fractured Family


It breaks our hearts as parents when our family isn’t close. This mom desperately wants her children to get along with one another, but the reality is much different. Q: It is my deepest hope

Healing a Fractured Family2019-05-01T16:01:22+00:00

Containing Words


We often want to ban words our kids say that aren't really harmful but that annoy us as adults. The better solution is the "word" room.

Containing Words2019-06-06T12:07:30+00:00

The Early Bird Drives Parents Crazy


Let’s face it—we love our sleep as parents! Once our kids get past the infant/toddler stage, we expect sleep to not become an issue. But that’s not always the case, as this mom writes about

The Early Bird Drives Parents Crazy2019-05-01T15:58:53+00:00

Grumble Bunny


When our kids complain, we sometimes react the wrong way. This reader questions how to counter a five year old’s negative attitude. Q: Our five-year-old son often has a negative attitude, but in the past

Grumble Bunny2019-05-01T14:32:45+00:00