Why We Should Put Our Marriage Above Our Kids (Episode 56)


“It’s really hard especially for moms because it’s hard to put our own needs first and the kids are kind of like the squeaky wheels—so they get the grease. It’s easy to really neglect ourselves and our adult relationship with each other,” Rivka said. “I think for a lot of us, it’s hard to be in a relationship because it takes commitment and understanding and it’s just easier to distract ourselves with the kids and be busy so that we don’t even have time for each other,” Shlomo added.

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The Victory of Failure


How can failure be a victory? Simply this: Children need to experience pain and discomfort in order to properly negotiate life. In this video, I give parents five easy ways to step back and let

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Co-Parenting Without Strife (Episode 55)


“Co-parenting is even harder because you don’t have the benefit of just doing things on the fly. You have to be a lot more intentional. It takes more time and effort,” Paige says. “Ask the questions, foster curiosity, and then be the one who’s looking for the solutions and offering those up instead of trying to always make your case and being like two attorneys and just fighting for your cause.”

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A Christian’s Thoughts on Halloween (Episode 54)


What is it about Halloween that can be so tricky for Christians? In this week's podcast, I talk about how our family handles the October holiday--and give listeners some food for thought as you craft your own decision about whether to trick or treat.

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Dawdling in the Morning


Trying to prod a child to hurry is like trying to herd cats—it’s a thankless, nearly impossible job! This week’s question comes from a mom whose five-year-old is taking his sweet time in the mornings…and

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Watch Out!


Knowing what our children are doing at any given moment is part of a parent’s job. Yes, we can’t watch our children 24/7, but when we’re out in public, we should be attuned enough to

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Preparing Our Kids for Their Future Careers (Episode 53)


“I don’t think we should be making kids college and career-ready in this country. I think we should be making them career-ready period,” Mark says. “Sure, a whole bunch of those careers go through four-year universities and bachelor’s degrees and PhDs and MDs and JDs. But there are fantastic careers and occupations that are possible with a two-year associates degree through community and technical colleges. There’s great careers and occupations that are available through certifications and advanced certifications and licensures and apprenticeships, which are becoming huge in this country.”

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Toddler Bucket of Sass


Why are we so shocked with a toddler or preschooler suddenly begins to actively defy our instruction? Because it’s at that moment when we usually realize for the first time that our child is his

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Why Raising Kids Doesn’t Have to be the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Done (Episode 52)


“The mental health community said, ‘Obedient children, they’re like robots. They’re only following orders and so on.; In fact, we now know from very good research that the most obedient children are also the happiest kids,” John says. “Children have not changed. Children are no different in terms of their essence, their nature than they were in the 1950s. And parenting in the 1950s, a woman could raise 12 kids and not experience the stress that a mother today is experiencing in raising one child.”

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