Great Christmas Expectations (Episode 62)


We often let others dictate what we do or don't do for Christmas...even if they never actually tell us directly. In this week's podcast, I talk about how to let go of what we think (or know) others expect us to do for the winter holiday and instead figure out what's right for our families this year.

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To Agree to Disagree


Do we need our kids to agree with our parenting decisions? This mom asks how to handle a child who is fighting her authority by arguing with every decision. Q: We have our 6 block

To Agree to Disagree2019-11-14T21:50:55+00:00

Hold Your Horses


Parents have ceased expecting that their children can--or even should--wait for something, whether it's ice cream, a new toy or their parents to stop talking. How can you help your child develop more patience and

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The Green Eyed Monster


This time of year, it can be difficult for kids to fight the envy and jealousy that can wash over them like a wave. Here are four things parents can do to help kids keep

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Being an Intentional Mom (Episode 61)


“When I know what it is that God wants me to do—whether that's paying attention to the business that I'm running if I'm a businesswoman, or homeschooling my kids—we said yes to that,” Malinda said. “It means that I can say no very easy and very quickly to everything else that the world is going to throw at me. … I don't know if there's ever a perfect balance because I think our lives ebb and flow when we are in different seasons, …but it’s having a continual conversation of us coming to the Lord and saying, ‘Okay, what is it that you want from me now? What is it that you want me to say yes to?’ and being obedient to that.”

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Go Stew in Your Own Juices


This is one of my favorite phrases because it means I’m not going to be responsible for my children’s messes or their bad attitudes. The more we let our kids solve their own problems, the

Go Stew in Your Own Juices2019-11-11T19:57:10+00:00

The Untapped Resource of Grandparents (Episode 60)


“I am a retired business executive and realized that I am part of this first generation of working mothers who are now grandmothers,” Marianne said. “Now the purpose of writing about [my Camp Grandma] was to hopefully inspire more grandparents to bring more of their own life experiences to share with their grandkids. I think that the grandparenting role is so special and so unique, and it has such a tremendous influence on grandkids today and the future of our society.”

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Let’s Talk About Sex With Our Kids (Episode 59)


“For most of us, it's weird to talk with our kids about sex because we don't have good models for it. Most of our parents didn't do a good job if they did it at all,” Jill says. “It's an inherently awkward topic, … everybody's anxious, both parents and kids. Another thing that makes this hard is sometimes we’re not clear on what our personal values are or not being comfortable articulating that. So it's a sort of hot mess of anxiety, that of course we want to avoid.”

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