Go Stew in Your Own Juices


This is one of my favorite phrases because it means I’m not going to be responsible for my children’s messes or their bad attitudes. The more we let our kids solve their own problems, the

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The Untapped Resource of Grandparents (Episode 60)


“I am a retired business executive and realized that I am part of this first generation of working mothers who are now grandmothers,” Marianne said. “Now the purpose of writing about [my Camp Grandma] was to hopefully inspire more grandparents to bring more of their own life experiences to share with their grandkids. I think that the grandparenting role is so special and so unique, and it has such a tremendous influence on grandkids today and the future of our society.”

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Let’s Talk About Sex With Our Kids (Episode 59)


“For most of us, it's weird to talk with our kids about sex because we don't have good models for it. Most of our parents didn't do a good job if they did it at all,” Jill says. “It's an inherently awkward topic, … everybody's anxious, both parents and kids. Another thing that makes this hard is sometimes we’re not clear on what our personal values are or not being comfortable articulating that. So it's a sort of hot mess of anxiety, that of course we want to avoid.”

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When a Child’s Frustration Spills Over


We’ve forgotten as a society that children are drama factories, and often blow things way out of proportion. Sometimes, those kids express violent thoughts concerning themselves, such as wanting to die. This mom wonders how

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Teaching Kids Gratitude (Episode 58)


“It’s conscious parenting … to help [our kids] learn the importance of these things,” Jewell says. “It’s conscious parenting to stop and realize I need to help my kids develop gratitude.”

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How to Start Chores


A mom wakes up to realize she’s been doing entirely too much around the house and that it’s time for her three young children to step up in the chore department. Her question revolves around

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Don’t Get Me Involved


Most moms are over-involved in their children's lives, but that's not healthy for mom or kids. Don't get me involved encourages kids to solve their own problems. In this week’s video, I talk about why

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The Importance of Self-Care for Moms (Episode 57)


“We give so much of ourselves to our husbands, our family, our children, even our extended family, our siblings, our parents. We’re caring for everybody and we always tend to put ourselves last,” Kerry said. “I really want to highlight the importance of making ourselves a priority. It’s really important for our mental state of mind just to stay healthier and happier. It makes everything just flow better when we take good care of ourselves.”

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