How to Handle a Toddler Who Bites


Q: My 26-month-old son has started biting me. It happens when he gets upset, frustrated, or impatient. His dad is currently away on a military assignment, although even when he’s home, his schedule isn’t regular.

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Talking About Parenting


Want to hear more about my thoughts on parenting? Check out my appearance last night on Direct Connection with host Jeff Salkin (Maryland Public Television).

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Overcoming Sibling Rivalry


Overcoming Sibling Rivalry By Mary L. Hamilton A favorite family story recalls the torment inflicted on our youngest brother. His white-blonde hair, sparkly blue eyes and wide, toothy smile melted hearts everywhere we went, but

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Discouragement With Discipline


Q: I am trying to discipline my 8-year-old and 9-year-old girls using the 8-day Strike method as outlined in John Rosemond’s The Well Behaved Child book. Basically, that means the first four strikes are warnings,

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Playground Fun


My favorite piece of playground equipment at school was a “flying saucer” type metal structure that had a pod of sorts supported in the air and accessed by ladder “feet.” I loved climbing up there

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Teenage Love


Q: Our 17-year-old son has his first girlfriend. He’s always been a respectful and compassionate person, who is the outwardly sensitive. But since he started dating this girl (which we do like), he’s eating, breathing,

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Healthy Eating


I'm often asked by parents how to get kids to eat their vegetables, especially those beyond the stray carrot or french fry (hey, a potato IS a veggie). Our kids will generally eat their veggies--and

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When College Kids Come Home


Q: My 18-year-old daughter has come home for the summer after her freshman year of college. She had a good year, but now she seems distant in her relationship with us. We’ve had some good

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