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Want to know one of the secrets to instilling gratitude in your kids? Have them write thank you letters for the gifts they receive this Christmas.

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In Reviving the Lost Art of Writing Thank You Notes, I give five easy tips to get your kids started on writing thank yous. I also show what writing thank yous teaches your kids and provide a simple blueprint of how to write the actual thank you letter. Plus, as a bonus, I include six ideas to encourage thankfulness in your children.




Joyful Parenting

Has the thought “I didn’t sign up for this” ever crossed your mind? You’re not alone! So many parents had great expectations and ideals about what family life would be—then came reality. Between the sleepless nights, eating battles, and temper tantrums of the early years to the eye-rolling, backtalk, and all-out wars of the preteen and teenage years, somewhere alone the line, things fell out of step. I’m here to help you get back on track, or start out right in the first place. Daily, we are bombarded by parenting fads and well-meaning friends whose advice and strategies don’t work in the long run. But there’s a secret to joyful parenting, and it starts with a tried-and-true parenting philosophy rooted in the Bible. I’m here to offer quick tips and lifelong strategies that help you rediscover your leadership role in the home with God at the forefront, ultimately transforming your parenting and your home. There is a joy in parenting. I’ll help you discover it.


"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

Join me each week on my “You’ve Got This” podcast. I interview moms and dads like you about the challenges, joys and rewards of raising kids. Parenting might be hard sometimes, but don’t worry—you’ve got this.

"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

How to encourage a heart of gratitude in your kids.

Order your Thankfulness at Thanksgiving ebook today!

How to encourage gratitude in your kids. Order Thankfulness in Thanksgiving ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

Living Life in the Unexpected (Episode 14)

“If we had it altogether and did everything perfectly and our kids did everything perfectly, how would our little ones learn empathy for anyone?,” Lori says. “Compassion would never be developed in a person who never experiences a little struggle or a little suffering. Our trials in our life help us develop a godly and a loving character toward other people.”

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The Uniqueness of Each Child (Episode 13)

“Each child is unique and what works for one child might not work for another. There are some generalities in raising children. I mean, all children no matter who they are need love. They need to feel safe and secure in their homes, in their bodies,” Dara said. “You know, they need to have bodily autonomy. I mean, there are certain things that are general across the board for all children; and then there’s a whole lot of variability depending on the makeup and the wiring of the child.”

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Juggling Schedules (Episode 12)

“My wife and I often remind ourselves to not live vicariously through our kids, and that includes allowing them to decide on their level of sports participation,” Miller said.

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The Busyness of Being a Mom (Episode 11)

“We glorify busyness I think in the American culture, acting like you need to have all these accomplishments behind your name for people to give you respect,” Tol said. “I know I have struggled with [thinking my busyness proves my worth], and it definitely contributed to busyness in my life.”

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Playing to Learn (Episode 10)

“I think children were born to play,” Janet says. “I think play is the seeds in the ground that prepare a child to understand the words they’re going to get hit with later on in school.”

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Anxiety and Anger: A Deadly Combination

  Q: My nine-year-old son is experiencing anxiety and anger. My husband and I follow a traditional style of parenting—we are firm, have high standards for behavior, and are very loving. I believe our son ‘s anxiety is primarily due to two factors: health (his severe peanut allergy and allergies

Things You Never Thought You’d Say as a Parent

We all say strange things to our kids! This month’s original cartoon is inspired by Julie Spearing of Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Post your “Things You Never Thought You’d Say as a Parent” comment below—yours might be featured as a cartoon!

School Year Resolutions for Parents

This year, I will support my student by …


• Not micromanaging homework. • Enforcing technology curfews. • Insisting on a schedule with plenty of free time.