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Joyful Parenting

Has the thought “I didn’t sign up for this” ever crossed your mind? You’re not alone! So many parents had great expectations and ideals about what family life would be—then came reality. Between the sleepless nights, eating battles, and temper tantrums of the early years to the eye-rolling, backtalk, and all-out wars of the preteen and teenage years, somewhere alone the line, things fell out of step. I’m here to help you get back on track, or start out right in the first place. Daily, we are bombarded by parenting fads and well-meaning friends whose advice and strategies don’t work in the long run. But there’s a secret to joyful parenting, and it starts with a tried-and-true parenting philosophy rooted in the Bible. I’m here to offer quick tips and lifelong strategies that help you rediscover your leadership role in the home with God at the forefront, ultimately transforming your parenting and your home. There is a joy in parenting. I’ll help you discover it.


"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

Join me each week on my “You’ve Got This” podcast. I interview moms and dads like you about the challenges, joys and rewards of raising kids. Parenting might be hard sometimes, but don’t worry—you’ve got this.

"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

How to encourage a heart of gratitude in your kids.

Order your Thankfulness at Thanksgiving ebook today!

How to encourage gratitude in your kids. Order Thankfulness in Thanksgiving ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

You’ve Got This

Sarah’s parenting podcast

Raising Successful Leaders (Episode 19)

“Specifically with boys, because so many of the mentorship models are disappearing from our culture it seems, they need a place where they can see godly men who are leading boys and they need to have them as examples,” Mark said. “The character of a person and the skills that they develop trumps any charisma that they have because it puts them in position to lead. People will follow a leader who understands leadership principles and understands shared leadership and understands everything that you should be doing is a good positive leader.”

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Hope for the Next Generation (Episode 18)

“The AHG girls who write me gives me hope for this upcoming generation of young women,” Patti said. “Here’s a quick story from Caitlin, a senior in high school from Missouri: ‘I have been in AHG since I was in first grade. It is my backbone and I have found my love for service and leadership skills through this organization. God has developed those gifts through AHG and I believe he plans for me to use them in amazing ways in the future.’ These girls have hope, and that's what we want for each and every one of our daughters.”

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What Anger Tells Us About a Child’s Heart (Episode 17)

“Anger cues are the first step in developing an anger management plan. Some children do feel like they ramp up really quickly, or parents will even say, ‘My child goes from 0 to 60 instantly,’” said Scott. “What we're saying is ‘There are indicators that this child's frustration starting to boil, and we want to pick up on those in advance.’ This is a self-awareness approach that we're trying to use. The reason we do that is because James 1:19 and 20 says, ‘Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to get angry.’ How can you be slow to get angry if you can't see it coming on?”

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Intentional Parenting (Episode 16)

“I think the thing that I try to convey to all of them is that hard work is actually the best kind of work because it changes you as a person. It builds muscles that you can't see. It makes you more empathetic to people who have to work hard, and it teaches you how to stick with something. What I feel gets overlooked a lot nowadays is that just because you can't see the benefits—just because you're not the top 1% at this task—it doesn't mean that that thing or that hobby isn't worth it. Because it is. It's not about getting everything perfect—it's about trying and that continual pursuit of trying different things because that’s a lot harder and a lot scarier than becoming perfect at one thing.”

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The Secret to Family Devotions (Episode 15)

As Christian parents, we firmly believe that one of the most important jobs we have is teaching our four children about our faith. For centuries, parents regularly engaged in the practice of systematically teaching their children biblical truths, often from manuals of Christian doctrine called catechisms. But that formal way of educating our children fell out of favor gradually, and today, many Christian families don’t have any form of regular teaching to pass on to their children the essential elements of our faith.

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Bully or Boyish Behavior?

Trying to figure out whether a child is being bullied or not--or is bullying someone else--is one of the hardest things for a parent to figure out. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I answer a question from a parent about how to help her son handle a child who won't leave

Should You Plan Your Child’s Life?

Planners are wonderful for keeping us organized, but we should be careful we don't take things too far when it comes to planning our child's life. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I talk the importance of keeping our plans to ourselves.

Outside Influences and Our Kids

In this week’s #ThursdayThoughts, I discuss the problem with outside influences. We all have near and far relatives, church members or neighbors, classmates or friends who exhibit less-than-stellar behavior. And our kids are like little sponges, soaking it all up.

School Year Resolutions for Parents

This year, I will support my student by …


• Not micromanaging homework. • Enforcing technology curfews. • Insisting on a schedule with plenty of free time.