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Joyful Parenting

Has the thought “I didn’t sign up for this” ever crossed your mind? You’re not alone! So many parents had great expectations and ideals about what family life would be—then came reality. Between the sleepless nights, eating battles, and temper tantrums of the early years to the eye-rolling, backtalk, and all-out wars of the preteen and teenage years, somewhere alone the line, things fell out of step. I’m here to help you get back on track, or start out right in the first place. Daily, we are bombarded by parenting fads and well-meaning friends whose advice and strategies don’t work in the long run. But there’s a secret to joyful parenting, and it starts with a tried-and-true parenting philosophy rooted in the Bible. I’m here to offer quick tips and lifelong strategies that help you rediscover your leadership role in the home with God at the forefront, ultimately transforming your parenting and your home. There is a joy in parenting. I’ll help you discover it.


"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

Join me each week on my “You’ve Got This” podcast. I interview moms and dads like you about the challenges, joys and rewards of raising kids. Parenting might be hard sometimes, but don’t worry—you’ve got this.

"You’ve Got This" with Sarah Hamaker

A podcast to encourage and equip moms along their parenting journey.

How to encourage a heart of gratitude in your kids.

Order your Thankfulness at Thanksgiving ebook today!

How to encourage gratitude in your kids. Order Thankfulness in Thanksgiving ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

Need ideas on how to celebrate Christmas. Want to take back the holiday from others’ expectations? Then order Put Joy Back Into Christmas ebook today!

You’ve Got This

Sarah’s parenting podcast

Launching Your Child Into Adulthood (Episode 24)

“The college admissions scandal demonstrates what happens when you don’t do that well. Every person that you look at is the sum total of their decisions. When you don’t start making good decisions early, your foundation can be shaky,” Frowsa’ said. “There’s a difference between raising children and raising adults, and I think for a lot of parents, they are busy raising children, so when those kids get to be adult age they still have to treat them as children.”

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Potty Training for Dummies, Episode 23

“Parents are starting way to late, so they’re missing their window of opportunity to potty train. That window is truly 18 months to 2 years. We’re not even starting until age 3 and that’s the main problem that I see today with toilet training.”

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Stop Entertaining Your Kids (Episode 22)

“Too much attention isn’t good for adults or children. It isn’t healthy to be the center of attention all the time,” Dinah said. “I started to relax, and my kids started figuring out how to entertain themselves. Better yet, they started developing hobbies.”

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Finding Joy in Motherhood (Episode 21)

“I really think there’s a difference between joy and happiness,” Rachel says. “Happiness is about a birthday, a surprise party, a cup of coffee—that’s in the moment. But joy to me is this deeper heart posture looking for something that’s good and beautiful in the midst of whatever situation or season we’re in. And I think that’s really motherhood.”

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When Patience Takes Too Long, Episode 20

“I draw from Jesus’ example when he washed the disciples’ feet. We’re called to be servants, whether we have a Ph.D. Or not. And moms are servants,” Linda says. "There’s two kind of lists: Your list and God’s list, and they don’t often match. God doesn’t call us to do things without equipping us to do that tasks. We can ask God and he will give us the wisdom to take care of the situations that seem well beyond us."

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A Hoot and a Holler

Let’s face it—we all yell at our kids sometimes! Whether it’s in frustration or anger, raising our voices at our children doesn’t make them or us feel good. In this week’s #ThursdayThoughts video, I share some ways to help us stop the yelling before it begins.

Imperfection in a Perfect World

Do we live in a perfect world? Seems pretty obvious we don’t, yet many of us parent as if we reside in a land where everything is just so. Our children never make mistakes, our homes look Instagram-worthy, and our child rearing decision are always spot on. Only life isn’t

Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free

When we don’t deal with something right away when it comes to our kids, we’re just kicking the pain of the “payment” down the road. By electing for convenience’s sake to let the small issues slide, we set ourselves up for a bigger headache down the road. Being consistent in

Bully or Boyish Behavior?

Trying to figure out whether a child is being bullied or not--or is bullying someone else--is one of the hardest things for a parent to figure out. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I answer a question from a parent about how to help her son handle a child who won't leave

Should You Plan Your Child’s Life?

Planners are wonderful for keeping us organized, but we should be careful we don't take things too far when it comes to planning our child's life. In this week's #ThursdayThoughts, I talk the importance of keeping our plans to ourselves.

School Year Resolutions for Parents

This year, I will support my student by …


• Not micromanaging homework. • Enforcing technology curfews. • Insisting on a schedule with plenty of free time.