The Right Mindset to Work From Home (Episode 78)

The Right Mindset to Work From Home (Episode 78)
You've Got This

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On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Whitney Bonds about how to work from home and stay home with your kids. Whitney is a millennial mom who started a site to help moms work from home and contribute financially while stepping outside of corporate America. She helps more than half a million per month make great money from home and raise their kids. She earned six figures in eight months through delivering how-to articles for moms who want to work from home and raise their kids. Women are turning to to find solutions to their current situation.

“You really have to want to stay home with your kids and make money working from home,” Whitney said. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than home with my kids but I also know I need to make money. … I have to be very firm about my work hours. … When I don’t want to work, I remember how bad I want this—that’s my drive and determination that keeps me going during those times I do have to work.”

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