Preparing for Vacation with Kids (Episode 36)

Preparing for Vacation with Kids (Episode 36)
You've Got This

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On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Melanie Papworth about how a little prep time ahead of time away from home can make things go a lot smoother. Melanie is the blogger of, a blog about being prepared for any and everything. While she focuses largely on emergency preparedness, she also writes a lot about organization and kids. She is a mom of four, stepmom of three, and is married to the handiest guy she knows. In her spare time, she teaches piano and tutors math.

“You’ve got to know what you’re going to do to know what you need to pack and what you need to bring, and how you need to pack it,” says Melanie. “I know that sounds so silly, but you can make your stay wherever you are headed so much more convenient and organized if you just plan ahead.”

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