Intentionally Raising Kind Kids (Episode 71)

Intentionally Raising Kind Kids (Episode 71)
You've Got This

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On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Nicole Black about helping our kids prevent bullying and sow kindness instead. Nicole is a recovering elementary school teacher and a mom to three super busy kids. She mostly survives on strong coffee. She shares her best parenting tips and tricks for intentionally raising kind kids, creating a stronger family connection, and bullying prevention at Coffee and Carpool.

“One of the simplest ways that we can help our kids to prevent bullying and these unkind moments out on the yard, at lunch, in social situations when there’s not adults surrounding them is to teach them to be an includer,” Nicole said. “Inclusion is the highest form of kindness. It’s pausing what you were doing and noticing those who are by themselves and asking them to join you or joining them.”

Listen to the podcast for more insights and suggestions about combating an unkind world with kind acts.


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