Foster Parents Are Willing to Have Broken Hearts (Episode 74)

Foster Parents Are Willing to Have Broken Hearts (Episode 74)
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On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Dr. John DeGarmo about fostering today. Leading international foster care expert and consultant and TED Talk speaker Dr. John DeGarmo has worn many hats throughout his life. As director of The Foster Care Institute, and founder and national development director of Never Too Late, a residential group home for boys in foster care, Dr. DeGarmo has had a variety of experiences. He is the author of several foster care books, including The Little Book of Foster Care Wisdom: 365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement for Foster Care Families, the bestselling Faith and Foster Care and A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story. John also consultants with foster care agencies and legal agencies across the country. He’s appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, and ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS stations. John and his wife, Dr. Kelly DeGarmo, have six children, both biological and adoptive. They are currently foster parents to three siblings, bringing their household to nine children. He has a passion for foster children, and is driven to bring education and insight into general society about all things foster care.

“People say to me all the time, ‘I can’t do what you do. It would be too hard to get the kids back.’ My response is, ‘Well, that’s how it supposed to be. These kids need stability and they need security, but what do they need more than anything else? It’s for someone to love them with all of their heart, so that when the children do leave, part of our heart is leaving with them,’” John said. “As foster parents, we are giving the child what he needs the most and that is for someone to love them. For some of these kids, we might be the first person who has ever loved that child with all our heart.”

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