Feeding Your Picky Eater (Episode 66)

Feeding Your Picky Eater (Episode 66)
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On this week’s “You’ve Got This,” I talk with Dr. Orlena Kerek about how to help kids expand their palates at the dinner table. Orlena is a pediatric doctor from the United Kingdom and the mother of four. In 2011, she moved to Spain and started her first parenting site, snottynoses. She’s done a lot of work on picky eaters and how to help kids eat healthily. Her books include Feeding Toddlers Crunch! Put a Stop to Picky Eating and Help Your Kids Love Veggies. She’s also a weight loss coach for moms and talks about easy and simple ways to reduce the risk of illness on her podcast, Fit and Fabulous.

“It’s really, really frustrating when you are faced with a toddler or a child who doesn’t want to eat. We’ve spent a lot of time making dinner, and we want to sit down and have a nice family dinner together,” Orlena said. “Our ideas are about our children eating healthily and nicely, and connecting with our kids, but the reality is hugely different. … [But] toddlers’ tastes change, and it’s really normal to see what we call picky eating.”

Listen to the podcast for more insights and suggestions about helping your picky eater eat.

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