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“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.” Matthew 6:34 (ESV)

I recently lost a weekly freelance job, one that had provided a steady paycheck for 18 months. And even though in the back of my mind I knew it could end any moment, as I was a contract employee, the longer it went on, the more I “counted” on the income and work.

During that time, I had other freelance assignments (and wrote Hired@home), so I wasn’t exactly hurting for business. But nothing compared to knowing each week, I would make X amount of money.

With the loss of the weekly job—the company wasn’t unhappy with my work; the product I wrote took on a different form and thus my part became extinct—I began to think more fretfully about how to get more projects. Not that I had nothing on my calendar, as I did have several articles already assigned.

But I found myself starting to worry about how to replace that steady income before I remembered that it’s not my job to worry about what’s going to come tomorrow. That tomorrow’s worries are enough for that day, as Matthew’s Gospel puts it.

I needed to look to the past to see how well God had taken care of us financially, that it wasn’t all up to me to provide the additional income that made our lives a bit easier. My husband’s work provides just enough for us to pay our monthly expenses; my freelance work contributes to the niceties, things that we could do without.

While I need to do my part to seek out additional assignments whenever possible—and to fulfill my obligations to my current clients to the best of my ability—what I didn’t need to do was fret about the loss of income.

So I’ve stopped worrying (well, for the most part—it’s hard to do that completely!) and started rejoicing in what God has done and is doing in my freelance life. A much more refreshing way to live and work!

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