The Doctor Makes a House Call

Sometimes, we have to bring in an outside authority to help our kids overcome their fears. Q: I’m looking for some feedback on how to handle our 6-year-old boy’s fear of being alone. It started about a year ago and seemed to have lessened after a few months but has resurfaced recently with incredible fervency. He is simply terrified of...[ read more ]

The Key to No More Arguments

Ready to get off the argument merry-go-round and have more calm, fruitful discussions with your kids? Learn the secret to reducing and eliminating arguments with your child or teen.

Lollygagging Around

How can you motivate a girl who prefers to take things super slow? Read my answer on what your options are when it comes to a child who’s slow to complete tasks. Q: My 7-year-old daughter has a perfect word that describes her actions towards her home school and chores, and that word is lollygag. I have frustrations with this...[ read more ]

Taming Toddlers

Contrary to popular belief, toddlers don't have to be terrible! Watch for my five key toddler taming tactics. Don’t use contractions. Toddler proof your house. Sleep is key. Containment works best. Say yes more than you say no.

Shy Butterfly

When did being shy become a liability? In today’s extroverted world, we immediately get concerned when a child doesn’t seem to like being around other kids or doesn’t have many friends. But we’ve forgotten that a shy, introverted child can make his or her way in the world just fine. It's okay that she's shy in an extroverted world. Not...[ read more ]

Teaching Kids About Patriotism

No matter our political views, it's important to help our kids understand why we love our country.

Bedlam at Bedtime

Having a child refuse to go to sleep or even stay in their room at night can cause great anxiety in parents, especially when the child is young. But using a little commonsense and a dose of patience can get you through the bedtime battles. Q: My 3-year-old is a terror at bedtime! She used to go down great, then...[ read more ]

We Interrupt This Conversation

Teaching kids to stay quiet when they’re bursting to say something can be challenging, but not impossible. I also give tips on helping your kids learn how to be a good conversationalist here.

Maintaining a Relationship With an Adult Daughter

We often overlook the importance of relationship when our children are misbehaving. This mom wonders how to repair a fraught relationship with her adopted 19-year-old daughter. Q: My now 19-year-old daughter is adopted from Ukraine as 1-year-old, and we’ve been having the “who’s in charge?” fight since she turned four. She has had developmental issues and learning issues, but, she's...[ read more ]

Reading Into Summer

Reading does more than pass the time. It teaches kids about the world around them. Books entertain, yes, but through books we learn about other cultures, about how to handle difficult or uncomfortable situations, about ourselves. We encounter joy, laughter, fear, anger, sorrow and hope. Stories lift us out of the ordinary and into realms unknown. Words fire our imaginations...[ read more ]

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