Putting the Spirit of Christ Back in Christmas

By Guest Blogger Rebecca Reed How many times have we heard complaints like, “young people don’t know the true meaning of Christmas anymore.” Or “Christmas is all about commercialism, Christ has been taken out of it.” I was guilty when my kids were young of making Christmas too much about the gifts and not enough about service and loving others—the...[ read more ]

Go Stew in Your Own Juices

This is one of my favorite phrases because it means I’m not going to be responsible for my children’s messes or their bad attitudes. The more we let our kids solve their own problems, the more likely they are to solve them. In this week’s video, I encourage parents to adopt the sentiment behind the phrase—and let their kids stew...[ read more ]

Screaming, and Crying and Tantrums, Oh, My!

Tantrums in an older child can be very disconcerting to a parent, especially because the child’s outburst can be so much more explosive. Here’s one mom’s story—and my advice on how to proceed. Q: Our 4-year-old daughter suddenly started having 30- to 45-minute tantrums when she doesn’t want to do something. Kicks, screams bloody murder, throws herself around to the...[ read more ]

When a Child’s Frustration Spills Over

We’ve forgotten as a society that children are drama factories, and often blow things way out of proportion. Sometimes, those kids express violent thoughts concerning themselves, such as wanting to die. This mom wonders how to handle both her young son’s frustration and his occasional self-harm talk. I’m not sure when we decided that all expressions of death and dying...[ read more ]

How to Start Chores

A mom wakes up to realize she’s been doing entirely too much around the house and that it’s time for her three young children to step up in the chore department. Her question revolves around how to implement chores and what to do if the child in question refuses to do the task. Q: My children are 3, 5 and...[ read more ]

Don’t Get Me Involved

Most moms are over-involved in their children's lives, but that's not healthy for mom or kids. Don't get me involved encourages kids to solve their own problems. In this week’s video, I talk about why we should let our kids figure things out on their own.

What’s the Appropriate Response to Inappropriate Video Games?

Many times, we want our kids not only to obey us, but to understand why they should obey us—and we spend way too much effort trying to get them on the same page as us. But when we expend our energy trying to get buy-in, we miss the opportunity to be the leader in the home. In this week’s question,...[ read more ]

Halting the Helicopter Blades

We all want to protect our children, but we need to take care that our actions don’t overstep and become micromanagement. The easiest way to derail your parenting is to become a helicopter parent. In this week’s video, I give three questions to ask to see if you’re a micromanager.

Managing One-on-One Time

Kids need attention, especially from mom and dad. But we often don’t know how much attention is appropriate because some kids desire 24/7 attention from a parent while some kids don’t crave much interaction at all. Here’s how to strike a good balance between one-on-one time with kids and avoiding becoming their entertainment committee. Q: My four children are 6,...[ read more ]

The Victory of Failure

How can failure be a victory? Simply this: Children need to experience pain and discomfort in order to properly negotiate life. In this video, I give parents five easy ways to step back and let the child sink or swim on his or her own.

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