A Hasty Word

Every parent has had at least one moment when frustration over a child’s misbehavior or inaction triggers an over-the-top consequence, like “you’re grounded until you turn 18” spoken to a five-year-old. I give this mom pointers on how to backtrack from such a consequence, plus a game plan for moving forward. Q: My 7-year-old daughter has a perfect word that...[ read more ]

Chore In-completion

Having a child not follow through on a task can be very frustrating for both parent and child. We find ourselves devolving into a nagging beast, always on the child or teen’s case to get the job done, and our kid feels like all we ever do is complain about what he has or hasn’t done. This mom wants to...[ read more ]

Breathing Room

Ever notice that being trapped inside for several days because of weather or sickness can unleash the worst behavior from our children? While family members who play together do indeed develop a deeper relationship with each other, too much togetherness can breed undesirable behaviors. In this week's video, I give tips for how to provide siblings with much needed respite...[ read more ]

9 Ways to Raise a Reader

If you haven’t heard, Amazon recently released Kindle Kids, just in time for the holidays. Why the regular Kindle wasn’t good enough for kids, I haven’t a clue, but the online retailer touted Kindle Kids as “the first-ever dedicated reading experience built just for kids.” Which made me laugh, because I had an entire shelf of “dedicated reading experiences built...[ read more ]

Engineering One-on-One Time

When other parents learn we have four kids, their first response is usually along the lines of “How do you juggle all those kids?” That question is generally followed by another: “How do you find time for you kids?” We have deliberately scheduled individual time with each of our kids on a regular basis in order to keep our connection...[ read more ]

Lunch Time Drama

Eating lunch at school can create all sorts of problems, including a child who doesn’t “like” her lunch. Well-meaning teachers sometimes acerbate the problem by paying more attention to the child. This mom asks how she can help her daughter eat her packed lunch without the teacher’s “help.” Q: For the past few weeks, my daughter’s teacher informs me that...[ read more ]

Because I Said So

Are you comfortable saying these four words “Because I said so” to your child? Most parent feel this phrase can damage a child’s self-esteem, but in reality, “Because I said so” is just another way of telling a child to trust you. In this week’s video, I give parents four reasons to reply to their child’s question with “Because I...[ read more ]

To Agree to Disagree

Do we need our kids to agree with our parenting decisions? This mom asks how to handle a child who is fighting her authority by arguing with every decision. Q: We have our 6 block daily charts set up for our 9-year-old son. Since he is constantly defiant, we decided that it is more than enough to just focus on...[ read more ]

Hold Your Horses

Parents have ceased expecting that their children can--or even should--wait for something, whether it's ice cream, a new toy or their parents to stop talking. How can you help your child develop more patience and learn to hold his horses? In this week’s video, I give parents tips on how to help their kids develop patience.

The Green Eyed Monster

This time of year, it can be difficult for kids to fight the envy and jealousy that can wash over them like a wave. Here are four things parents can do to help kids keep that green-eyed monster at bay.

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