Staying Calm in Middle of Coronavirus Anxiety

With schools closed, social distancing the new normal, and uncertainty about when all this will end, it can be difficult for us grownups to keep calm and carry on. This mom asks how to handle her five-year-old’s increasing anxiety about all the changes. Q: I'd like some advice on how to handle my 5-year-old daughter's worry/nerves at night since this...[ read more ]

Helping Your Child Get Over Disappointments

With the coronavirus triggering school closures, travel bans and church cancellations, and health officials stressing social distancing, our kids have a lot of disappointments to process. In this video, I offer several ways for parents to assist their kids in working through the many disappointments life has thrown at them all of a sudden.

When Should Kids Get Smartphones?

Do middle schoolers need cell phones to connect with their peers? The short answer is no, but it’s usually not that simple. I have three teenagers in my house right now, including two teenage daughters in high school (one a sophomore and one a junior). None of my teens have cellphones. Q: Our 12-year-old entered junior high this year and...[ read more ]

A Boy and His Tongue

Sometimes kids do weird things, most of which are yucky to adult ears and eyes. While parents shouldn’t overreact to such things, they can put parameters around the weird impulse. Here’s what I advised one mom whose son constantly licked things. Kids don't listen when we launch into lecture mode, and who can blame them? Their brains aren't developed enough...[ read more ]

Church Expectations

Should older children be expected to sit quietly with mom and dad during the entire church service? This mom wants to know if her behavior expectations are on cue—and if so, how to reign in her rowdy bunch during church. You need to implement a church bootcamp in which you begin training your kids with how to behave in church....[ read more ]

Instilling a Christian Worldview

It can be difficult to know how to navigate a world of differences, but for the sake of family, we should try. This mom asks how to handle interactions with her adopted son’s older brother, who’s being fostered by a gay couple. You instill your values in your kids by teaching them right from wrong, how to be kind to...[ read more ]

Curing the School Blues

When a child expresses hatred of school or a teacher, we often go into overdrive to ferret out the problem. But all too often, there generally isn’t something sinister going on. Here’s how you can figure out how to react when a kid says she “hates” school. Q: My second grader claims she hates school and her teacher. What can...[ read more ]

The Witching Hour

What is it about the hours surrounding dinnertime that turns ordinarily well-behaved children into little monsters? I don’t have an answer to that question, but I can help a dad who needs guidance on making that time more pleasant for everyone. There are things you can do that will bring down the crankiness and turn what I call “the witching...[ read more ]

Teaching Modesty To Girls and Boys

All too often, we ignore the question of modesty until the child hits puberty and then we scramble to cram in years of training into a few short months. This mom asks how much should she talk about this topic with a curious six-year-old. Start by discussing your family values, not as lectures (because who wants to be lectured!) but...[ read more ]

Getting Concrete on Creative Consequences

The usual consequences don’t seem to be working for three rambunctious boys. This dad asks for suggestions on how to make consequences memorable enough for their three young boys, especially when those boys share a room. Q: We have successfully used tickets with our oldest two (now delightful and responsible older teens). We have three younger children—all rambunctious and high-strung...[ read more ]

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