Want Kids To Thrive As Adults? Give Them Chores

New research reveals that chores bring social, emotional and cognitive benefits for kids as they develop, but fewer kids are doing them today than in 1997. The idea of doing chores around the house is likely to evoke a spectrum of feelings among parents and kids. In many households, doing chores may earn a child a reward, but isn't considered...[ read more ]

Mom, You Explain Too Much

Have you ever found yourself in this situation with one of your kids? “I’m losing my patience with my kid. I try to explain why he needs to do what I said, but he just keeps negotiation. Then I snap and yell at him. We both end up in tears…yet we repeat this cycle again and again.” As moms, we...[ read more ]

Introducing a New Baby

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, one to be celebrated, but one that can create trepidation in the hearts of mothers who fear their older child will not respond well to a new brother or sister. Many moms and dads worry about the older child feeling “deserted.” They may also feel they won’t have enough time for...[ read more ]

A Toddler Terror

An energetic grandson has this experienced grandmother perplexed. How can she support her son and daughter-in-law in raising him? Q: After raising four children myself, I can say that my 2.5-year-old grandson is on the far end of the active, aggressive, physical, energetic, testing, bouncing-off-the-walls and curious scale. He has been since birth, beginning with endless sleepless night, on up...[ read more ]

Give the Kid a Choice

When a 3-year-old constantly defies Mom’s instructions, it can make every day a battleground. This mom asks how she can enforce boundaries and teach her son to be civilized. Q: We have a 3-year-old son who is very loving, yet very strong-willed. His favorite word is “no,” which he often yells when we are on the phone or trying to...[ read more ]

Civilizing a Toddler Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

Babies aren’t born civilized, and that means the first few years of life can be fraught with them learning how the world works—and their own limitations. It’s hard work for parents, especially when their formally docile, sweet little one suddenly asserts his rights to be heard. However, love and leadership will put things on the right track, as this mom...[ read more ]

Teenage Scrooges

If your teenagers don’t remember your birthday, do they still love you? One mom asks why she has to cajole and pus her teens to buy presents on birthdays and Christmas. Q: I have three teenagers. For the 17- and 16-year-old, thinking of their family members on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas is clearly not a priority for them....[ read more ]

When the Cool Crowd Comes For Your Teen

One of the most difficult parts of raising kids is watching them struggle to fit in with friends. This mom seeks advice on how to help her young teen stay true to his upbringing while finding a way to fit in with his new middle school buddies. Q: I have a soon to be 13 year old who started in...[ read more ]

Playing is Learning

Play is vitally important to our children because play builds the brain, helps kids learn 21st century skills, reduces stress and enhances curiosity.

Mouthy Teens Ups the Vitriol

A teenager uses her tongue to lash out at her parents, and mom has had enough. Should she bring down the hammer or uncork the love? Q: We have quite a situation with our 16-year-old, very iron-willed daughter. Her attitude and level of disrespect—and how it is expressed with her mouth—is getting worse and worse. This issue seems to be...[ read more ]

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