As a mom of four, I’m no stranger to frustration. My training in leadership and biblical parent coaching taught me how to reach my children’s hearts with confident consistency. Whatever issue you’re having, from the toddler who won’t stay in bed or the tween who rolls his eyes to the middle child who seems to always be arguing with her siblings (and it’s never her fault), you don’t have to figure it out on your own. My clients accept the awesome responsibility of child-rearing with less frustration (and more fun). Click here to book a free first step call.

But there’s a better way to parent—and I’m here to help you learn quick tips for immediate relief, as well as a lifelong parenting philosophy rooted in the Bible and in tried-and-true techniques.

About Sarah Hamaker and Parent Coach Nova

I use two successful models in my coaching, blending the two for a commonsense, loving and practical approach to child rearing: Leadership Parenting™ and biblical parenting principles from the National Center for Biblical Parenting. It’s a traditional approach to child-rearing, one that rejects the latest parenting fads to instead focus on raising self-reliant, self-confident and respectful adults.

Leadership Parenting™ puts control of the house where it belongs—in the hands of the parents—by helping you learn (or relearn) decisiveness, minimal explanations and clear boundaries through positive and affirmative assistance.

Biblical parenting is a heart-based, God-focused approach that guides you to teach your children to unlock the secrets of their own hearts in order to grow in their self-knowledge and, more importantly, in their walk with God. By focusing on the inner life of your child rather than the outer obedience, the parent will have more success in guiding their child to better behavior and better choices. The ideal result is a child grounded not in good behavior, but in a softer heart fully attuned to God.

Not only have I seen this blended approach work in countless families I’ve helped over the years, but also in my own life. Growing up, I paid attention to the strategies my parents used as they took in more than 40 foster children during my teen and college years, where I was blessed to experience firsthand how traditional parenting worked with a myriad of children from different backgrounds. Today, I’m a mother to four preteen and teenage girls and boys, and my husband and I know what it means to apply biblical-leadership parenting in real world situations. I’ve made it my life’s passion to help other parents do the same, whether through coaching, speaking, books and other resources.

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Explore this site to learn more about how my approach translates into practice through books, articles, webinars and more, or reach out to learn more about how I can help you as a biblical-leadership parenting coach . I also offer an explanation of various discipline methods you can use in your own home.

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