• Reach Your Child’s Heart

    Raising kids in the fear and admonition of the Lord is an awesome responsibility.
    But sometimes, that responsibility can weigh heavily on us.

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Does this sound like you?

I never feel like I'm doing enough.
I've read books but don't know how to start.
What can I do to really reach my child's heart?
I try to correct misbehavior but it's getting worse—and so is my child’s attitude!

You want your children to act like you've taught them to act.
You've tried everything but nothing works for long.
Are you ready for a change that will impact the present—and future—for your family?

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What my clients say

We were very encouraged by the progress our high-spirited 8-year-old son made through your coaching. The methods you use is grounded in Scripture and balances well the authority of the parent with the emotional needs of the child. Your experiential wisdom, practical advice and encouragement aided us in restoring peace to our home. The confidence we gained working with you continues to reap benefits in our parenting style. Thank you, Sarah!
– Jason & Amy

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