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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids When Grandpa Has Alzheimer’s (
A look at how we can help our children keep their relationship with a grandparent who’s ill in body or mind.
5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Self Control (
An excerpt from Ending Sibling Rivalry on self control in kids.
7 Ways to Nip Narcissism in the Bud (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
How to combat the inherent selfishness of our children.
8 Reasons to Encourage Your Child’s Daydreaming (
What we fail to realize is that daydreaming has real benefits to our children (and even for adults!).
10 Ways to Help Your Child Become a Good Conversationalist (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
How to teach our children to be better talkers and listeners.
Does picking their own produce make kids more likely to eat it? (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Picking fruit or vegetables at a farm—or your own backyard—is akin to “hunting for treasure,” as my kids describe it.
Even kids can have a role in helping after a natural disaster (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Ways that children and teens can impact communities near and far.
Master of Oneself (
Self-control is one of the most important things a child can ever learn.
Out of the Whirlwind (
How to help your child become better organized.
Why Can’t They Just Get Along? (
How to help siblings become friends instead of enemies.
Why do Children Lie? (
A behind-the-scenes look on why all children tell falsehoods—and how to stop lying from becoming a bad habit.


18 Affordable Ways Families Can Prepare for Christmas (
Ideas for making this winter holiday fun for you and your family.
Great (Christmas) Expectations (
How we should think about–and experience–the winter holidays.
Summer Vacation: Beating the Traveling Blues (
Tips on how to travel with children of all ages.
Thankfulness for Thanksgiving (
Why we should remember to focus on cultivating a thankful heart.
A Tricky Holiday: Should Christians Ignore or Embrace Halloween? (
A thoughtful reflection on how to view October 31.
Zombies and Vampires and Ghosts, Oh, My! (
How to help our kids navigate the sometimes scary Halloween season.


How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Your In-Laws (
Try these eight steps toward a beneficial and rewarding connection with your in-laws.

How to Manage Your Time in a 24/7 World (
Time management techniques that really work.
When Siblings Grow Up: How to Get Along as Adults (
Brothers and sisters are with us the longest–and we should make a relationship with them a priority in adulthood.


6 Words of Wisdom for the Stay-At-Home Dad (
With the number of stay-at-home fathers rising, here are some tips for men considering being at home.
6 Things Your Children Should Learn From No One But You (
Whether you homeschool or send your kids to private or public school, there are some things that a child should learn from no one but his mom or dad.
6 Thinks You Should Never Say to the Mom of a Screaming Toddler (
When you’re the parent with a screaming child in a store or restaurant, the last thing you want is to be accosted by an unsympathetic stranger.

7 Thinks You should Never Say to a Teenager (
Teens can be prickly, so it’s prudent for parents to take time to have the appropriate words.
8 Ways to Love Your Unrepentant Child (
For any Christian parent who has a child with an unrepentant heart, questions like Did I do all I could have? Why, since I raised him to know the Lord, did he stray so far from God? are never far away.
8 Lie Parents Believe About Raising Children (
Sometimes, we’re so focused on listening to the advice coming from all corners that we forget to investigate the counsel to see if it’s truth or lies.
11 Rules for Successful Families (
But how do you achieve success as a family? By following these 11 rules—and ways to implement them—that are the hallmarks of successful families.
Come on, moms. Let dads be in charge of the kids too.  (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Why do we mothers have such a hard time releasing our little ones (no matter how old the child) into dad’s care?
Doctoring our kids: How to know when to seek help from a pro. (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Some guidelines for parents to consider when trying to figure out if a trip to the doctor is necessary or if a home remedy would be best.
Expert John Rosemond Urges a Return to Common Sense Parenting (
A snapshot of what Rosemond believes are some of the problems facing today’s parents.
The Hidden Side of Dating Abuse (
A 2013 study shows how digital abuse can lead to in-person abuse in teen dating relationships.
How to balance school requests and kid disappointment with a parent’s schedule(Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Ways to keep parental absences at kid events and school activities in perspective.
How to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in kids (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Entrepreneurship taps into a child’s creativity and teaches important and practical skills.
How to help your child cope with tears that come too easily (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
How to teach children when to give in to their feelings and when to rein in the tears.
How well do we know our kids? (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Why we should know our kids and how to do that.
The key life skills parents should be teaching their children (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
From cooking a meal to balancing a checkbook, these are the skills kids need to learn.
Large Families: Blessings or Burdens? (
An inside look at a few families with six or more children.
Once kids enter the picture, can parents still entertain? (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Lessons about how to pull off dinners and parties when kids are in the house.

Pictures of Your Kids: To Post or Pass? (
How to use social media when talking about our kids.
Playing With Your Children Can Be More Than Fun and Games (
How you as a parent should approach being your child’s playmate.
Shame on You (
Is it ever right for children to feel shame?
Should Happiness Matter to Parents? (
How should parents think about happiness while raising children?
Raising an Average Jane or Joe (
A call for parents to stop worrying about raising children who are extraordinary and focus instead on raising kids of character.
Teaching Your Children the Faith Through Catechesis (
Catechism isn’t as popular as it once was, but it’s staging a comeback.
Why We Should Teach our Kids About the Election Process (
The importance of our civic duty and voting.
Why you need to pay attention to older kids’ sleeping habits (Washington Post’s On Parenting)
Suggestions on ways parents can encourage good sleep habits.

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