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Her suggestions on what to do when kids are unexpectedly out of school in “Parents, here’s how to survive school being cancelled again,” posted January 17, 2018, on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Her insights on compliments for kids appeared in “The 10 Best Compliments for Kids That Aren’t ‘Pretty’ or ‘Handsome,'” posted June 28, 2017, on Huffington Post Canada.

Her tips appeared in “9 fun ways for kids to avoid the ‘summer slide,'” in the June 27, 2017, issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Her story, “A Mom to Many,” from Chicken Soup for the Soul: Best Mom Ever!, was featured on the April 26, 2017, Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast. You can listen to the short podcast here:

Quoted in “Overabundance” in Creator’s Syndicate about what to do when you end up with too much produce.

Interviewed on Chained No More on 1/10/17 about sibling rivalry and on 1/17/17 on overcoming adult sibling rivalry. The shows can be accessed here:

Quoted in “How to Tame Your Child’s Sweet Tooth,” on the National PTA’s Our Children website.

Quoted in “13 Tips for Cheaper Travel With Kids” on

Quoted in “Should You Play Peacemaker Among Your Adult Kids?” on

Quoted in “Sneaking learning into playtime prevents dreaded ‘summer slide,'” in the Deseret News.

Quoted in “Is Helicopter Parenting risking your child’s future?” in the March 2016 issue of Pittsburgh Parent magazine.

Quoted in “Saving Face: What to Do When Your Kid Screws Up” from

Guest on Let’s Talk Live! DC on December 3, 2015, talking about how to help our kids not be greedy this holiday season (view clip below).

Guest on Maryland Public Television’s Direct Connection with Jeff Salkin on August 31, 2015, talking about parenting (view clip below).

Interviewed on Fox5NewsDC’s morning show on June 20, 2015, with anchor Annie Yu, about traveling with kids.

Quoted in “8 Games to Play With Kids” on

Quoted in “Should You Pay Your Children For Grades?” on

Interviewed on Fox5NewsDC’s morning show on March 1, 2015, with anchor Annie Yu, about curbing sibling conflict.

Sarah with Fox5NewsDC anchor Annie Yu.

Interviewed on Let’s Talk Live! on Jan. 7, 2015, about sibling rivalry (view clip here:

Sarah on the set with one of the Let's Talk Live! anchors, Kellye Lynn.

Sarah on the set with one of the Let’s Talk Live! anchors, Kellye Lynn.

Interviewed for “Ways to Save When Feeding a Picky Eater” on US News & World Report.

Interviewed for “Helping Your Children Face a Lean Christmas” on The Happy Housewife.

Guest on KFIA’s Kingdom News, Oct. 31, 2014, to talk about Halloween. Listen to the interview here.

Guest on KSBJ’s Sunday Night Live, Sept. 28, 2014, to talk about Ending Sibling Rivalry. Listen to the interview here.

101 Things to Do When Kids Say ‘I’m Bored‘” on

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