Superwoman or Super God?

As a freelance writer and editor who has three children at home, I often am asked how I manage to write and care for my children—and have time to sleep. After reassuring the questioner that I am not, after all, Superwoman, I usually reply that I tend to be well-organized, disciplined, and deadline-oriented. But that, too, can give the wrong impression. I am those things, which are assets to a writer’s life, but I certainly have my moments of coming undone, either because of my own shortcomings or my children’s, or just because of circumstances.

Would I love to say I handle every situation with grace and calmness? Well, sure, who wouldn’t? But the thing is, I flub up even minor frustrating situations. While the outside world might see calm and organized, inside can be chaos. Good thing God is always there with His grace and mercy.

For me, and for many other woman I interviewed for Hired@Home, the key to a successful at-home business or employment is balancing your work and your family. Sometimes this is an easy task; sometimes it’s extremely difficult. I find myself periodically re-evaluating my work and family obligations to make sure my priorities are correct, that I’m not neglecting my clients, my children, or my husband.

Until next time, Sarah

5 thoughts to “Superwoman or Super God?”

  1. Good for you, Sarah. I am looking forward to reading you book when it comes out this spring. And I appreciate you sharing your website with me.

  2. Sarah, I am so proud of you! You are definitely an inspiration to me. You make me want to get organized, work hard, and try to be a better wife and mother. Congratulations on your new book. I know it will be a huge success!

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